Scotland is home to some of the UK’s most impressive areas of true wilderness.  Mountains and lochs present scenes of breathtaking beauty, as does the varied, island dotted coastline.  It has welcoming towns and cities with intensely enterprising people. Stretching from the rich farmlands of the Borders to a chain of isles not far from the Arctic Circle, the Scottish landscape has a diversity without parallel in Britain.  The vibrant cities of Glasgow and Edinburg offer numerous attractions, historical sites, great museums, an enthusiastic nightlife, and excellent restaurants & pubs.

With such a distinctive national dress, bagpipe music, landscape and folklore, Scotland has shaped an identity that is recognizable throughout the world.  It is a land of contrasts, from the austere majestic of the mountains, to the subtle undulations o the Lowland valleys, and from dramatic coast cliffs to dense forests.  It is in the wilds of the Highlands and Islands that you are most likely to encounter Scotlands wealth of wildlife.

The Highlands and the Islands of Scotland have been the focus of Gaelic culture for hundreds of years.  Although the language itself is spoken little today, the legacy of the Gaelic lifestyle lives on in the music and activities of the people.  The bagpipes, a traditional Highland instrument, are an important part of Scotland’s identity around the world and the Highland games are a blend of the Gaelic customs of music, dancing and a contest of strength.

Whisky is to the Scots what Champagne is to the French, and a visit to Scotland would not be a complete without sampling of this fiery, heart-warming spirit.  All malt whiskies are produced using much of the same process, but the environment, maturity and the storage of the whisky have such a strong bearing on its character that every one is a different experience. Regardless of where you are in Scotland, you’re sure to feel at home soon after arriving, whilst immediately wanting to immerse yourself in all things Scottish.  In fact, besides bringing home some whisky, don’t be surprised if you come home with a bonnet and kilt!!!

Trending Cities

Aberdeen, Edinburg, Dundee, Culross, Dornoch, Dundee, Dunkeld, Dunfermline, Elgin, Falkirk Glasgow, Inverness, Perth Sterling, St Andrews, Melrose, Oban, Portee, Pitlochry, Mull, Glencoe, Ullapool, Culloden 


Antonine Wall, Arran, Bute, Blair Castle, Cullonden, Inveraray Castle, Edinburg Castle, Lock Lomond, The Tossachs, Sterling Castle, Doune Castle, Glamis Castle, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Falkland Palace, Isle of Skye, Loch Awe, Ben Nevis, Fort William, The Cairngorms, Speyside Malt Whisky Trail, Jura, The Great Glen, Shetland Islands, Western Isles, Orkney Islands, Hanada Island, Black Isle, Fort George, Culloden, The Military Tatoo, Holyroodhouse, Urquhart Castle, Melrose Abbey, Glasgow Cathedral, Dunrobin Castle & Gardens

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