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England may be little in size, but it makes up for it with an abundance of amazing scenery, long recorded dramatic history and historical sites. When one thinks of England your first immediate thought goes to London…the largest city in Europe and one of the most famous metropolis’ in the world. London, of course, is a trendsetter, history-maker and game changer and has been for more than a thousand years, encompassing everything from royal residences to world-class museums, landmark theaters and vast urban parks. The castle’s, palaces, titles, intrigue and mystery of the Royal Family is a huge draw, and why not, they’re irresistible, especially now…The Queen being the longest living monarch in history and managing her popularity and command with the upmost dignity, honor, and elegance…who doesn’t love Queen Elizabeth, England and everything that comes along with it?!!!!

England’s scenery of green fields and rumpled hills, chalk cliffs & breezy plains, ancient woods & moody moorland include 10 national parks, 34 Areas of Outstanding National Beauty (AONB) and almost 2,800 miles of gorgeous, rugged, and amazing coastline – one of Europe’s longest. Whether you’re wandering over the South Downs, climbing Lake District fells, trekking above Dover’s fabled White Cliffs, or enjoying a leisure day in The Cotswolds, England is a never-ending feast for the eyes. The Jurassic Coast, Cornwall, there’s so much to explore, discover, and learn, the possibilities are endless.

From York’s cobbled streets to Oxford’s dreaming spires, Bristol’s Floating Harbor to the Liverpool Docks, England’s cities are the main attractions. But there’s a varied urban landscape to explore outside London: delving into Manchester’s pulsing music scene, visiting Newcastle’s innovative art galleries, admiring Bath’s glittering Georgian architecture, browsing for bargains along Brighton’s quirky shopping streets; whichever you choose, expect urban adventures throughout. Regardless of your travel style or age England is on everyone’s bucket list…and rightly so, it’s an amazing little country that is and has always been on the world’s stage, influenced society, our language and history for hundreds of years…the best part, you’re never too far from a wonderful pub and a perfect pint of beer.

Trending Cities:

Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Chester, Cornwall, Devon, Glastonbury, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Oxford, Wells, York.


Buckingham Palace, Castle Howard, Hadrian’s Wall, Hampton Court, The Roman Baths, Stonehenge, The Tower of London, Wells Cathedral, Windsor Castle, York Cathedral.

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