“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then to do it.” – Henry Ford

Happy Taco 🌮 & Travel Tip Tuesday!  What a perfect 🙌🏻 quote for our post today because Puesto has found their DESTINY and boy are they successful at it.  Don’t take my word for it…go check them out for yourself!

This is also an excellent quote for the launching of our “In Your Backyard”. & “Staycation” series…everybody loves to find a  hidden gem 💎.  Since we are all still grounded from most international travel ✈️ , we might as well check out all the cool stuff to do, eat and stay in our own Backyard!

With that being said, La Jolla and Puesto is in our San Diego Backyard, and we think that every San Diegan and Californian should add Puesto to their “Foodie” and La Jolla to their Bucket list.  

Our first visit to Puesto was back in December 2018, and we were pretty impressed with thier offerings; so much so, that we decided to give them a 2nd go just to make sure.  This visit was with with a little more intention because we already knew how good 🙌🏻 they were, but I wanted to make sure before we shared about it with you.  

Our “Staycation” in La Jolla 🌊, was just what we needed and our revisit to Puesto was a brilliant idea 💡, because not only was the food to die for, but our entire dining experience was fantastically stellar – thanks to Cameron, our wonderful waiter! 

First let’s start with Covid safety; and to be honest with you, I’m a bit of a freak about it because I’m petrifed of catching Coronavirus.  With that being said, the “NEW” dining experience for this blogger, is all about the safety, both mine and the customers, in addition to having exceptionally yummy 😋 food; and Puesto did an excellent job at both!  There was a deck that was built out onto the street, there was plenty of outdoor dining with the appropriate social distancing.  I think that the city of La Jolla had something to do with the building of the decks, because there was continuity throughout the cove with all the restaurants.  I’m hoping they keep them, because I prefer the alfresco dining experience much more than dining indoors; especially in La Jolla where the weather ☀️ is nearly perfect. 

Our experience began with Cameron, our server, and he was excellent; we will be requesting him again and again, lol!  We started with the Pacific Sea-bass Ceviche, and Puestos very own Clara Lager and it was absolutely amazing; it was probably the best Ceviche I’ve ever had, it was prefectly executed and I can’t wait to have it again; talk about a foodgasm 😉! The Habanero, Serrano green sauce was something out of this world.  Of course we also had plenty of chips and salsa, and there salsa was pretty darn epic! 

Their beer 🍺 was a Mexican Lager, and with a squeeze of lime and a little salt, was better than the big corporate Mexican brands.  

Next, I had the Carnitas and Jerry had 3 tacos 🌮; both our meals were everything we remembered, but actually better. The Carnitas were perfectly flavored and very moist; which if you are a fan, you know very well that it’s a hit and miss. So many Mexican restaurants serve them dried-out and hard. The black beans and corn 🌽 that accomonied my meal were equally delicious and flavorful. Puesto absolutely nailed it, everything was so freaking yummy.  Jerry’s Tacos were exceptional, he chose the variety (how can you pick just one flavor?) he chose the Filet Mignon, Baja Fish, and the Maine Lobster; the Filet Mignon was his favorite and mine as well.  If you want to sample the best TACO’s & Ceviche in San Diego County, then head on over to Puesto in the La Jolla Cove.

A couple more things about Puesto…expect to wait, they are a local favorite, and usually get pretty busy.  If you go during off hours, you should be okay, but otherwise, just be patient.  As I mentioned earlier, Puesto brews their own beer.  They bought Gordon Beer 🍻 which is located downtown, and made it their own;  what a brilliant idea 💡!  I’m not sure how many more beer varieties they make, or about their downtown location, but we will check it out and get back to you.  

Lastly, Puesto has received a Michelin 2019 rating…and let me tell you, it’s well deserved. What I love ❤️ most is that they’re down to earth and not snobby.; which can sometimes happen in La Jolla.  You can spend your day at the beach 🏖, work up an appetite, cruise up in your coverup, board shorts and flip flops…so very SoCal!  Puesto is a hidden gem 💎, and they have the  best Tacos and Ceviche in San  Diego! 

Stay safe, and remember, if you leave your place, cover your face 😷.

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