“Go for it now.The future is promised to no one.” – Wayne Dyer

Happy 😃 Travel Tip Tuesday!  Today’s tip…live in the present – especially when you’re traveling.  Don’t get too wrapped up in taking pics and videos, but take the time you have to let your experience and your surroundings sink in. (For the record, I’m super guilty of this, I walk around with 3 cameras 📸 whilst I’m traveling).  Wherever you are in the world 🗺, it’s important to try and do this, because tomorrow is not promised, and you will never get that time back.   Sometimes in life you have to seize the moment…grasp that second, and that’s why this quote fits this photo.

My son Kyle is so much fun 🤩 to travel and experience life with…he lives in the moment and is always all in.  He makes every experience more fun; sometimes a little embarrassing 🙈, but it always ends in a good memory and tons of laughter.  😂

So that brings me to my second tip for today; choose wisely who you travel with.  Especially if it’s a big financial 💰 investment, an adventure, and takes a long time to get there.  It’s almost as important as choosing a life partner…they can make or break your journey!  If you are unsure how your travel partner will be on a long trip, take a short weekend break with them.  That should let you know if you’re a good travel fit.  If you’re an explorer or adventurer🧗🏽‍♀️, getting stuck with a lounger or sun ☀️ worshipper that likes to hang by the pool or at the beach 🏖 everyday might not work well for you, or them.  Everyone has their own travel style and it’s important that you have some common interest in this area, and more importantly,  you have an open discussion about it and your expectations.  And remember once you’re travel plans are made, whatever you do, GO FOR IT‼️

Stay safe, and remember, if you leave your place, cover your face 😷.

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