“Our entire lives change in a moment” – Tony Robbins

The people of New Orleans know this better than anyone! This is the second time in 15 years that their lives have changed in a moment; first Katrina and now Ida! Our prayers  🙏🏼 go out to all of our friends and colleagues in New Orleans & Louisiana.

If you have the means to help, please do…people are doing without, it’s extremely hot & humid, they need water 💧, food, generators, clothes, homes, money 💵 , able bodies for clean 🧹 up – they need help! So if you can contribute somehow, PLEASE DO…they truly need all the help they can get!

There’s a saying” History repeats itself” and New Orleans has a history of rebuilding itself, it has since the beginning of our country.  It’s one of the most resilient cities 🏙 in the United States 🇺🇸. It’s reinvented itself over and over again! So just like they did after Katrina, they will rebuild and get on with it, that’s who they are, and what they do.   And when they’re ready, we will be back; and until then, we will do all we can to help.  

New Orleans is one of the towns that gets under your skin…the food 🥘 , the people, the history and the MUSIC 🎶 , all of it together has made it one of the amazing places to visit and one of our favorites in the US.  And yes…it’s a must do when visiting the US or the South; no trip is complete without a visit to NOLA.  It’s not just a party town for the 20 somethings…there’s so much American history in New Orleans, and it was such an instrumental part of how the United States 🇺🇸 became the United States, that it should be mandatory that all Americans visit.  So much of our history is rooted in NOLA,  It’s absolutely amazing.  I learned more about American history during our one trip than I ever did in school or history class 😬;  and don’t get me started about the music, pirates 🏴‍☠️ and ghosts 👻 !

So today we are throwing it back to June of 2021 when we took this awesome helicopter 🚁 tour; which is a must do when visiting.. The one thing that stuck with me from that experience was how much damage you could still see that remained from Katrina…and now they will have the Ida aftermath as well.  I can’t even imagine what the view from a helicopter looks like today.  Let’s just hope that after Ida the government does them a solid and does the job right this time.  What happened during Katrina was inexcusable and they have to make that right and do better this time!

Since #Hurricaneida this is where the city is at:

  • Power⚡️ has been restored to 98% of residents and businesses in Orleans parish.
  • The Louis Armstrong International Airport ✈️ is currently operational.
  • Debris cleanup is underway and progress is being made clearing roadways and collecting trash 🗑.
  • City buses 🚌 are operational and streetcars 🚃 are running again along historic St. Charles Ave., Canal Street, and the Riverfront.  All routes are currently on a modified schedule.
  • Essential services, such as grocery stores 🏬 and gas ⛽️ stations are open throughout the city.
  • The citywide curfew has been lifted
  • Several restaurants, bars, attractions, and shops, including the Riverwalk shopping center, are open and welcoming back patrons; with many reopening next week and the weeks to come.
  • Club Tipitina’s is hosting two free shows this weekend.
  • Hotels 🏨 throughout the city are assessing damages and some are welcoming guests and first responders who are aiding in the city restoration efforts.

As New Orleans begins to welcome visitors again, we ask that you remain mindful of how much the parishes of Louisiana have suffered, and lost because of Ida.  You can help support their recovery by donating to any of the relief organizations they’ve identified on their website. – www.neworleans.com

Stay safe, and remember, if you leave your place, cover your face 😷.

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